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Modern refrigeration equipment market place provides a wide array of each industrial and home types. These days you will find virtually far more companies of freezers and refrigerators than automobile brand names. The decision is really not easy for any frequent buyer. Present day fridges seem about the same, they are derived from around exactly the same technologies, the visible difference in looks is merely in dimensions plus some features. However, there is one important criterion that always works - reliability. In this regard, the Atlant web store is one of the market place executives, since it offers extremely trustworthy refrigerators of the identical name. So, what are Atlant refrigerators good for, what are their advantages?

Advantages of Atlant fridges

The first advantage is the stability already mentioned over. The ingredients used by the manufacturer have passed the exam of time, the best compressors that really work for a number of years without restoration, great-high quality property materials - it will not rust in a few years, as opposed to numerous opponents.

Silence. The employed compressors are audible only at the moment of switching on, and simply 42 decibels (loud whisper), there is no much more sound from this. The style is not going to use noisy supporters, even in new designs with the No-Frost system. The fact is that the manufacturer began to install such systems not so long ago, when the technology matured, and all the shortcomings were eliminated.

Inexpensive support. If abruptly something happens to the family fridge, and this is a intricate strategy that could crash, no matter how substantial-good quality it is actually, then the consumer has a wide community of professional services at his convenience, by which every thing will likely be accomplished quickly and reasonably. Moreover, the warrantee period of time for refrigerators depends on 36 months.

Profitability. We have been accustomed to the truth that home-based home home appliances eat plenty of electricity. That time has passed, and not even ten years ago. Nowadays Atlant chillers conform to power productivity class A into a .

Access. Considering that the components, including the majority of the electronic components, are made by home-based manufacturers, the final cost of the product continues to be with a level that is very economical for a variety of buyers. You do not pay too much for a marketed overseas brand name.

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